If your needs require it, you can be driven by one of our first-class security trained chauffeurs. Our most experienced chauffeurs have undertaken an advanced theoretical and practical training course in security-chauffeuring - a course specifically developed for Tristar Worldwide.

This bespoke training is delivered by a company utilising members of the Metropolitan Police Protection Command. Using their expert knowledge, both in the UK and worldwide, has been invaluable in helping us develop a highly experienced and professional specialist security chauffeuring option.

This high-level training includes :

  • Route Planning - Primary and Secondary selection.
  • Driving as part of a convoy, either with or without Police Escort.
  • Defensive driving techniques including escape and evasion manoeuvres.
  • Awareness of the language and terms used by Close Protection Officers to ensure instant response in following their instructions implicitly.
  • Maintenance and security vehicle checks.
  • Cultural and regional awareness of clients’ differing expectations.

This dedicated focus on the key aspects of safe and secure driving, combined with passenger-focused chauffeuring, safeguards your experience. Combine this with the services of your close protection officer or security advisor, if you wish.

Our chauffeur security team will also provide a risk assessment and engage with your security team to help develop a solution for your ground transportation needs.

This service is available in the UK and selected overseas destinations. Tristar Platinum Service with security chauffeurs offers the same superb travel experience, with the added benefit of first-class security.

If you have a requirement or would like further information please contact us +44 (0)1895 432002 or email