David Bruce MD

Managing Director—David Bruce

David took over the role of Tristar Worldwide Managing Director in June 2016. Prior to Tristar, he has worked in a number of industries including Automotive (Ford Motor Company), Pharmaceuticals (Pfizer), Banking (Barclays), Insurance and Business Services (Saga and the AA), and now Ground Transportation. He has set up and run several businesses including used car sales, warranties, vehicle inspections, and tyre fitting, so running portfolio businesses and divisions is something that comes naturally.

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Doug Claringbold COO

Global Services Director—Doug Claringbold

Doug’s impressive previous career life has left him well-prepared for the high level of detail Tristar demands of its service. Doug joined Tristar in March 2001 and has been dotting the I’s and crossing the t’s ever since. Before joining Tristar Doug was employed at Thames Water, and before that by the BAA and was responsible for all operational activities in the setting up of the Heathrow Express Rail Link. Doug started his career as a graduate trainee with British Rail and since then has held a number of senior operational positions, keeping everyone on the rails.

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