United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi

Regional Travel Advice
- Tristar Worldwide recommends using our meet-and-greet service to help you clear immigrations and customs in the U.A.E., which can be very stressful. You will be met as soon as you disembark from your flight and escorted all the way to your waiting chauffeur.- Travelling by car is the best way to get around the U.A.E. Tristar Worldwide’s esteemed chauffeur services provide reliable and experienced drivers, who will ensure you get to your destination in complete comfort and safety. In those instances where security is of paramount importance, we put in place various measures to ensure our clients’ safety. For example, we do not use branded apparel or items in order to maintain a low profile, unless instructed otherwise by our clients. Furthermore, we keep all doors locked and windows closed as an added safety measure.- There is a threat of terrorism within the U.A.E. and travellers are urged to remain vigilant, particularly in public and heavily populated areas. Monitor the media for information about potential threats or security risks. Take care to ensure your personal safety, at all times.- It must be remembered that the U.A.E. as a whole is an Islamic nation. Visitors should respect the local laws and customs, even in more cosmopolitan and liberal states like Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Travellers (particularly women) should wear conservative clothing in public areas, and when visiting holy sites. - The workweek in the U.A.E. runs from Sunday to Thursday. If travelling to the Emirates during Ramadan, be aware that there can be a change in business hours, with many commercial venues staying closed until the evening or operating on limited hours.