Germany - Berlin

Regional Travel Advice
- FrankfurtAirport is Germany’s main international airport followed by the MunichAirport. Berlin Tegel - the main international airport in Berlin – is scheduled to close within the next year. The still-under-construction BerlinBrandenburgAirport will be the city’s new hub for commercial air travel.- Travellers are advised to carry their passports with them at all times as under German law, police have the right to ask for identification at any time.- Serious crime is rare. Pick pocketing and theft of unattended items can happen, particularly on public transport, crowded areas and tourist-frequented spots. Travellers are advised to be aware of this threat and take the usual precautions.- It is illegal to use, display or bring into the country any paraphernalia related to Nazism, the “Third Reich” or fascism. This includes literature, songs, music, symbols and physical gestures that relate to or glorify the aforementioned subjects.