Venezuela - Caracas

Regional Travel Advice
- Travellers to Venezuela are asked to exercise caution due to raised levels of crime and political uncertainty in the country. - Keep all valuable items in your hand luggage.- Travellers are encouraged to arrange transportation to and from the airport in advance.- Crime is a serious problem in Venezuela, and foreign nationals are especially at risk. - Departure: Security, customs and immigration at the airport can be slow and inefficient. Further, you may be subject to random drug and security checks, conducted by the National Guard. This may include a trip to a local hospital for an x-ray. Please account for these checks by arriving at the airport at least three hours before your flight. You may need to pay an airport and departure tax when leaving. This may be included in the price of your ticket, but it is best to check with your airline if it is. The fee typically costs about USD 50 – your airline can provide a more accurate figure.