Kuwait - Kuwait City

Regional Travel Advice
- Arrival: getting through immigration can be very stressful, and we recommend using a meet-and-greet service such as the one Tristar Worldwide provides. We will meet you directly after you disembark from your flight, and escort you through immigration to your waiting chauffeur.- In the interests of security, Tristar Worldwide will not display our company name and brand, e.g. on uniforms or name boards, unless requested by our clients. We will always greet our clients as they exit customs. For added safety, we keep car doors locked and windows closed at all times during travel and ask passengers to respect this.- Crime against tourists is very low. Demonstrations often occur, but tend to be peaceful. As a precaution, visitors are urged to avoid any public gathering, as there is always a risk of violence. There is also a general threat of terrorism in Kuwait, and travellers are urged to be vigilant. Monitor the local media and always check for any urgent travel warnings before departure.- Kuwait is a Muslim country and its laws and customs reflect this. Travellers are advised to be respectful of local tradition and be mindful of their behaviour at all times.