Canada - Montreal

Regional Travel Advice
- Canada is subject to extremes of weather in certain areas that can disrupt travel and cause serious damage. Visitors should be especially careful during winter, when driving conditions are especially hazardous and snowstorms and avalanches can cause highways to be closed off. Tornadoes are a high possibility throughout Canada, particularly between May and September and peaking during June and July.- Canada is vast, and if you intend of utilising air travel to get around, be sure to plan enough time to go through security screening, in place at all Canadian airports. During peak hours, the queues can be long, particularly in major cities’ international terminals.- Visitors should have little trouble when travelling in Canada. It is good to be aware of Canadian culture and adapt to the regional differences that exist, e.g. Quebec is part of French-Canada and a majority of its citizens speak French. Both English and French are considered national languages.