Tunisia - Tunis

Regional Travel Advice
- Current warnings advise against travel to areas bordering Libya and Algeria, due to the heightened threat of violence in these regions.- Arrival: passengers exiting the Tunis-Carthage Airport may find themselves faced with aggressive taxi drivers. Stiff competition means that taxi drivers compete viciously for business. Grabbing baggage is a means of winning visitors’ custom. - A tenuous political and security situation prevails in Tunisia. There is an elevated risk of violence, civil unrest and terrorism. As part of the state of emergency in Tunisia, authorities may restrict travel or impose a curfew with little to no warning. Visitors should heed any instructions or warnings given to them by their hotels and/or travel operators, as well as security personnel. Monitor the media for any new security risks and ensure you carry your passport with you at all times, in case of emergency.- Tunisia is an Islamic country, and this is reflected in the local laws and customs. It is important for visitors to respect traditional mores, e.g. by dressing conservatively when in public.