5 great gift ideas for the discerning traveller

13 Dec 2016

Gift ideas for travellers

As the festive season is upon us, finding the perfect gift is at the forefront of many people’s minds. So many of us love to travel, and finding a heartfelt gift which appeals to the wanderlust of our friends and family is excellent. We’ve put together a small selection of great gift ideas for the discerning travellers in your life!

1. Luggage tags

Luggage tags are an essential part of any traveller’s accessories, and offer an excellent way to add a personal touch to otherwise bland cases.

A distinct luggage tag can be the perfect gift, ensuring the recipient can always identify and spot their luggage in busy airports. No more accidental mix-ups or having to wait until there’s only one suitcase left on the baggage conveyer belt!

2. Travel wallet

Arguably one of the most stressful parts of travel is ensuring you have all the correct paperwork for your trip(s). Keeping a multitude of documents together for travel can be difficult to juggle, so a travel wallet can be a fantastic gift for those who want to keep everything organised.

3. Noise-cancelling headphones

Do not disturb! Whether they love listening to music or audiobooks, it’s important that they can drown out the noise coming from other passengers and the hum of the plane, so noise-cancelling headphones are an essential gift for those who travel frequently!

4. Helpful packing accessories

Are they always packing in a hurry? Items always getting squashed or forgotten? With a Travel Packing Cube, they can say goodbye to crumpled clothes or damaged souvenirs on their travels! These Cubes make excellent gifts; they help keep everything in their suitcase neat, organised, and protected – a must for the frequent traveller!

5. GPS Tracker

Know someone who’s always looking for their keys? Losing their passport and other documents? A GPS tracker could be the perfect gift for them!

It’s a tiny Bluetooth tracker that is simply attached to keys, documents, luggage, or anything else important, and they’ll always be able to find them using the phone app. It’ll change the way they travel!