Ten best winter warmer foods from around the world

04 Jan 2017

It is now winter for everyone in the northern hemisphere, and with it comes cold weather and chilly evenings. Often the best way to warm up is with a hearty dish served during the cold weather to keep the chill at bay! If you want to try some exotic winter warmer dishes from your travels, here are 10 of our favourites from around the world:

1. Beef Stew with Noodles (Thailand)

Best winter warmer foods from around the world

Stew is always a hearty, warming dish. Anything that’s cooked slowly will warm you to the bone. In Thailand, beef is combined with lemongrass, garlic, and ginger, along with noodles and plenty of liquid to create a rich, hearty stew, which is almost half soup. With the addition of plenty of slow cooked vegetables, the hot and spicy stew will stave off hunger for several hours!

2. Boeuf Bourguignon (France)

Best winter warmer foods from around the world

Another type of stew is Boeuf bourguignon; beef is braised in a hearty mix of red wine and beef broth, and flavoured with garlic, onions and mushrooms. One of the best French dishes, this dish will keep you warm from your head to your toes!

3. Schweinebraten (Germany)

Best winter warmer foods from around the world

In Bavaria, Germany, you can have one of their traditional dishes to warm up on a cold evening. Sschweinebraten is traditional roast pork served with cabbage and a sweet, malty sauce made from broth and dark beer, all mopped up with some hearty potato dumplings.

4. Hotteok (Korea)

Best winter warmer foods from around the world

One of the most popular snacks Koreans eat to keep warm during the cold winter is “Hotteok.” It’s dough made from wheat flour and filled with brown sugar, honey, chopped peanuts and cinnamon, fried and served hot in a paper cup.

5. Mole poblano (Mexico)

Best winter warmer foods from around the world

Considered Mexico’s national dish, Mole poblano is a dark red-brown sauce which is served over meat (like turkey), and is made with chocolate and chili, among several other ingredients. Mole is the name of a number of sauces in Mexico (along with the dishes which use them), but poblano is the classic. With spice from chili and sweetness from chocolate, eating a dish with this sauce will keep the chill at bay!

6. Goulash (Czech Republic)

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Goulash is a meat stew favoured across Eastern Europe, said to originate in Hungary, and is particularly enjoyed in Czech. It’s a spicy stew made in many different ways, but always includes slow-cooked meat and paprika to form a rich gravy. If you add suet dumplings, sour cream and thick bread to dip, you’ll definitely stop feeling cold!

7. Fondue (Switzerland)

Best winter warmer foods from around the world

In many parts of Switzerland, people round off the cold nights by sharing a dish of crusty bread and a hot, gooey cheese sauce (usually made from Gruyère and Emmental or Vacherin cheeses). Fondue is traditionally served with tea or white wine and a shot of kirsch (cherry brandy) to aid digestion. A fun, sharing way to warm up over winter!

8. Curries and Dhals (India)

Best winter warmer foods from around the world

Having something hot is always a good way of warming up, and curries with rice are filling, too! With so many variations to choose from, you can enjoy the one at your most comfortable spice level to keep the cold at bay. Dhal is a spiced soup made from lentils and pulses; mop up your curry or dhal with bread to finish off these tasty, warm dishes!

9. Soup – Conch (Jamaica)

Best winter warmer foods from around the world

Possibly the ultimate winter warmer, soup in all its variations exist across the world. They can be smooth or chunky, sweet or sour, fragrant or spicy. Conch soup, or conch chowder, is very popular in the Caribbean, and Jamaica in particular. Cooked with a variety of vegetables and mopped up with dumplings, it’s a tasty, filling dish that will keep you warm for hours!

10. Buñuelo (Dominican Republic)

Best winter warmer foods from around the world

To finish off your meal with a nice hot pudding is always a great way to ensure you remain nice and toasty warm for the rest of the evening, too! A buñuelo is a deep fried dough ball, flavoured with anise in the Dominican Republic, drenched in cinnamon sugar syrup, and finished with a coconut water glaze. The perfect way to finish your evening!